D. Kelly Environmental Consulting specializes in Stage 1 & 2 Preliminary Site Investigations and Detailed Site Investigations for all types of properties.

We also provide consulting services for decommissioning of underground storage tanks.

  • Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigations
    A Stage 1 PSI assesses the probability of contamination and level of environmental liability on a site by means of archival research (determining past land use at and around the site), interviews with personnel associated with the site and conducting a site visit. Stage 1 PSIs are completed for clients with respect to all types of properties, including multi-family residential, commercial and industrial. Procedures followed in completing a Stage 1 PSI (previously known as a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment) are based on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) ESA Interpretation Guidelines and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z768-01 (R2012), Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.  Our procedures and reporting format also follow the requirements of the Environmental Management Act CSR Section 58(1)(a).
  • Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigations
    In situations where a Stage 1 PSI determines likely subsurface contamination of soil and/or groundwater at a site, a Stage 2 PSI is recommended. A Stage 2 PSI will determine whether contamination exists at a site by means of a subsurface investigation, which is typically completed by drilling boreholes/monitoring wells and conducting soil vapour testing.
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)
    A DSI is a physical investigation of the soil and groundwater to delineate and quantify contamination at a site. If the risks to human health and the environment are unacceptable due to subsurface contamination at a site, a risk assessment/risk management plan will be developed.
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Decommissioning
    D. Kelly Environmental Consulting has overseen the decommissioning of hundreds of USTs (including heating oil tanks, waste oil tanks and gasoline tanks). If you choose D. Kelly Environmental Consulting to oversee your UST decommissioning, we will retain sub-contractors (if requested), view the excavation process (if removal), collect soil samples for immediate transfer to a laboratory, and prepare a report of our findings.

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