Quality Control

In providing our services to clients, the activities of D. Kelly Environmental Consulting Ltd. may be divided into three main areas: office based (administrative); site based (investigative and sampling); and laboratory based (analytical). The quality control methods employed in each of these areas are outlined below.

  • Office-based Quality Control
    Standard administrative systems are in place to assist the smooth running of the office, for example relating to accounting, document filing and reporting. We understand the importance of preparing letters and reports to a high standard and, prior to sending out documents from the office, our general procedures include:

    • Checking for clarity
    • Checking for accuracy
    • Checking to ensure that the reporting objectives are satisfied.
  • Site-based Quality Control
    Generally accepted sampling QA /QC protocols are followed during site-based work, including:

    • Handling of samples (elimination of cross-contamination, chain-of-custody, etc.)
    • Collection of field blanks (as required)
    • Collection of split samples (as appropriate)
  • Laboratory-based Quality Control
    Samples are submitted to a certified laboratory with a comprehensive quality control system in place. Laboratory accreditation is through the Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL).

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